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Attempt to behead Ahmadi Professor in Pakistan

26 May

Attempt to behead Ahmadi Professor in Pakistan


It is with great regret that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirms that one of its members, Professor Mubashar Ahmad (46) of Chakwaal, Pakistan, was the victim of a brutal and murderous attack last evening. The victim, who is a Professor at the Government Degree College, was attacked in his home by two young males who are students at the local madrassa (Islamic Religious College).
Just after the Maghrib prayer, the two students entered the home of Professor Ahmad and shouted:
“You are a Qadiani and so we have come to kill you.”

In act of gross violence the two students thereafter attempted to kill the victim by cutting off his neck. Professor Ahmad survived the attack however suffered extremely severe injuries. He was rushed to hospital immediately after the assailants fled his home and he remains in a critical condition.

One of the assailants was caught by neighbours of Professor Ahmad and is now in Police custody; the other assailant remains at large.
Grievous attacks on Ahmadis are becoming ever more common in Pakistan. Recently there has been a spate of anti-Ahmadiyya conferences and rallies that have been conducted by religious extremist organisations. Some of these rallies have been supported or even sponsored by the Government of Pakistan.

The Press Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Abid Khan said:
“It is extremely worrying that anti-Ahmadiyya public rallies are being staged throughout Pakistan and in particular the Punjab. During these conferences audiences are instructed that there is a duty to kill Ahmadis and as a result uneducated yet indoctrinated people are led to believe that the bloodshed of innocent Ahmadis is something that will be greatly rewarded.
This horrific attack on Professor Ahmad is but one example of an Ahmadi being targeted. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Pakistan continually brings incidents like this to the notice of the Pakistani authorities but repeatedly no action is taken. Consequentially the attacks continue to increase and occur with ever greater brutality. These attacks and threats have to stop and the Government must take immediate action to protect its citizens.”

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Further Info: Abid Khan (press @ ahmadiyya.org.uk / 07795490682)

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