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Introduction -Lajna Immaillah New Zealand

31 Oct

Introduction -Lajna Immaillah New Zealand

Assalaamo Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu My dearest sisters  Welcome to the Lajna Imaillah NZ webpage. The purpose of this website is to act as a central repository to impart important information on an ongoing basis regarding various activities we will be engaging in. This will include taleem and tarbiyyat programmes and tabligh material. 

By the Grace of Allah, Lajna Imaillah NZ has been very active and engaged in various activities since the inception of our Jama’at in NZ in 1987.  
We have divided our tanzeem into majalis’s and branches in NZ to better manage, support and serve our members. Alhamdolillah, our membership has steadily grown over the past years. It is important that I mention a brief background and the objectives of Lajna Imaillah.  

In 19I4, Hadrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad (May Allah be pleased with him) was elected the second successor to the Promised Messiah. He felt that a vigorous participation of Ahmadi women was as essential for the success of the Community, as that of men, and started activating them for this purpose. 
In pursuance of this objective in 1922, Huzur wrote a letter to some prominent ladies in the Community, detailing therein the role which Ahmadi women should play to make Islam go ahead. He called upon them to disseminate his views among their sisters, win their sympathies for his plans and to form an Association to help the resurgence of Islam. This led to the establishment of Lajna Imaillah. 

The aims and objective of our auxiliary organization has been laid down by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II ra  as follows:  

i)  Women should strive together to enhance their knowledge and spread it to others, 

ii)  A body be established for this purpose so that this work can be carried out systematically, 

iii)  Certain rules and regulations are formulated to run this body which should be binding on all the members, 

iv)  The rules and regulations should conform to Islam as interpreted by Silsila 'Aliya Ahmadiyya and be contributory to its progress and strength,  

v)  Papers regarding various aspects of Islam particularly those pertaining to the current problems be read in their meetings and be written by the members themselves so that they should learn to use their knowledge, 

vi)  In order to enhance the knowledge of members, this body may arrange 

lectures on selected topics to be delivered by scholars in Islam, vii)  In order to preserve the spirit of unity in the Jama'at, the affairs of this body shall be conducted in conformity with the schemes and desires of Hadrat Khalifatul Masih. 

viii)  You shall endeavour to promote unity among the Jama'at as enjoined upon every Muslim by the Holy Qur'an, The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Promised Messiah (A.S.) and you shall always be prepared to offer every sacrifice for this cause. 

ix)  You shall always pay attention to enhancement of your moral and spiritual standard and shall not merely restrict your attention just to eating, drinking 

and clothing yourself. You shall fully help each other in this matter and think and devise ways and means to achieve this.  

x)  You shall specially realise your duty regarding the Tarbiyat of your children and shall not let them be alienated from their religion or become lazy and ignorant. Instead you shall try to make them active, alert and able to bear hardships. Teach them all the matters about religion which you are aware of and inculcate in them the love and obedience of Allah, The Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hadrat Masih Mau'ud (A.S.) and Hadrat Khalifatul Masih. They should be trained and prepared to spend their lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam. The means to achieve this end should be thought and put into action. 

xi)  When you start working together, you shall overlook the faults of each other. Efforts to reform should be carried out with patience and perseverance. In no case resentment and anger should be allowed to create differences amongst you.  

xii)  Since in the beginning every new project is ridiculed by people, it is therefore necessary that you should not care about this and the lesson to bear taunts and insults, with fortitude and bravery (whether given privately or in public) should be learnt beforehand so that by seeing your example other sisters should also come forward to do the job. 

xiii)  In order to strengthen this scheme and to carry it on forever you should go on convincing other sisters about it and this process can only succeed if every sister who joins the body considers it her duty to secure the participation of other sisters in this work. 

xiv)  To save the programme from disruption it is necessary that only such sisters should be allowed to become members of the body who are in full agreement with its schemes. If at some stage a member feels that she is not in agreement with it she should voluntarily disassociate herself from the body or else be removed from it." 

* Note,' At a later stage Hadrat Khalifatul Masih decided that membership of Lajna Imaillah should be compulsory for every Ahmadi woman 

xv)  The community does not mean any special group of people, It includes all classes of people high or low, rich or poor. Therefore it is necessary that there should be no discrimination between the rich and the poor in this body. Instead love and equality should be inculcated amongst the poor and the rich and the feelings of hatred and superiority should be discouraged because despite the differences in the status all men are brothers and all women are sisters. 

xvi)   Plans be prepared for the service of Islam and the help of the poor and needy brothers and sisters in a practical manner 

xvi)  Allah is the source of all blessings, All help comes from Him and it is He who  grants us success, Therefore it is necessary that we fervently pray to Him and also request others to pray that He kindly inspire us with such ideas which fulfill the purpose of our creation, We should further pray that He enables us to choose the best available means and use them to the best of our ability for achieving this purpose, We should also pray that we are granted a blessed end and that our successive generations are also recipient of His guidance and blessings and they continue this work forever. 

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